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Dive Sites
Beginner Level
"Els Bullents"

Els Bullents

25m "The Boiling waters" as they are called, consist of a series of bars perpendicular to the coast line, which descend down to a depth of 25m. In between these bars we find meadows of neptune grass and standalone rocks that protect them from external influences.
"Roca Muladera"
(Roca del Moro)

Roca Muladera
24m This rock, having a rather large extension, allows doing several dives at different levels of difficulty.
For this reason it is an ideal site for groups of divers of different levels and experience. A dive's depth can range from 0 up till 24m.
The communities here present are pre-coral reefs and meadows of neptune grass, with their associate fauna: groupers, sea bass, sea breams, moray eels, congers, greater amberjacks, barracudas, John Dorys, rays, etc.
"Els Pics"
(The Bars)
"Na Bosca" 23m
"Punta d'es Cars" 23m
"Es Palomar" 22m
"Sa Gatera" 18m
"Cala Morisca"

Cala Morisca

"Cala Gran"

Cala Gran
12m This site is ideal for divers of little experience, since the maximum reachable depth is 12m.
The photophile community and the neptune grass meadow stand out here.
Advanced Level
"Saint Anna's Rock" 32m
"Llosa de Llevadó" 32m For doing this dive, divers need at least an advanced certification level, since depth ranges from 18m up till 32 m. The first 18m descend in blue water without any reference point. Arriving at 18m we can enjoy a huge rock and several channels crossing it in all directions.
This is an ideal dive for seeing rock fish: groupers, congers, moray eels, giltheads, etc. and passing-by sea fish like barracudas, tuna fish, greater amberjacks, etc.
Due to its extension and depth, it is convenient to do 2 or 3 dives to well explore this site.
"Isle of Tossa" 28m
"The Biotope" 27m The settlement of this artificial structure dates back to the summer of 1994. Its function is creating a population of rock fauna; principally fish like groupers, toothed breams, common sea breams, scorpion fish, etc.
This biotope is made up of a series of standalone blocks, of 5m height each. They are situated at a depth of around 27m on a sandy bottom. In certain season, surrounding these concrete blocks, one can observe large banks of fish like greater amberjacks, giltheads, etc.
"The Mushrooms" 28m
"Saint-John's Rock" 42m